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What Is The Best ETH Miner?

If you have reached this article it means you have decided to go further into the world of Ethereum. As with Bitcoin mining, this cryptocurrency mining has increased its value by at least 2800% in just a year, the trend is only going to continue to rise as more and more people realize the benefits, flexibility and, more importantly, profitability that cryptocurrencies like mining Bitcoin represent.

Luckily, ETH can be accessed much easier now than before and there’s no more need to download the full Ethereum blockchain (which is the list of mined blocks since Bitcoin mining hardware was created), this will save you loads of time since this blockchain is over 20 GBs by now. So, what you need to get started is to build a proper ETH miner. But what makes a proper miner make the most of a mining pool?

  • A Compatible Hardware: It is important to remember that to turn your computer into an ETH miner means that you will put more stress on it than a normal user, for this you need your system to run smoothly so at least 3GB RAM is required for a proper mining experience. As for the CPU, you don’t need the best out there (a simple CPU will do), but don’t be cheap.
  • The Right OS: Windows 10 or Linux, preferably not IOS.
  • A strong GPU mining rig which is eventually what you will use to mine.
  • Free space on your hard drive of at least 30 GB or more for blockchain and other software.
  • Enough money to invest in all the things above. Even though ETH mining is fairly accessible, there’s no such thing as free money and to make it profitable you require a proper upgrade for your system; otherwise you might just waste your time
  • A miner client which is the point of this guide. We’ll go through the best miners below.Always make sure to have a trustworthy ETH Wallet.These are services that work pretty much like any other type of virtual wallet, such as PayPal. MyEtherWallet is a popular choice nowadays where you can deposit your earnings.

So now that we have talked about the basics, we are going through a brief review of what the Internet chooses as the best ETH miners there are out there. This list is ordered from 3 to 1, being 1 the most popular option as of 2017 with the most useful functions.

1. Geth

This software was created by the Ethereum team; it is the original ETH miner so you can expect it to be reliable and safe. It is an excellent option for solo mining and it can provide you with a wallet.


These Are Some Of The Basic Features Of Geth:

  • Miner ether.
  • Transfer funds between addresses safely.
  • Create contracts and send transactions. This is a unique feature of this miner.
  • Explore the history of blocks.

Geth is supported on Windows, Linux, and iOS.

To know more about how to install this ETH miner follow this guide.

2. Ethminer By Genoil

This a miner with OpenCL, CUDA, and stratum support. This is a popular simple ETH miner that can work perfectly with the right settings. You can find some users online sharing their settings for optimal results and hash rate with each specific GPU or you can set it up yourself and see what fits best.

Ethminer By Genoil

These Are The Features Of This ETH Miner:

  • OpenCL mining.
  • Nvidia CUDA mining.
  • Realistic benchmarking against arbitrary epoch, DAG or blocknumber.
  • On-GPU DAG generation. This guarantees your disk will be free from DAG files.
  • Stratum mining without the need of a proxy.
  • OpenCL device picking.
  • Farm failover (getwork + stratum).

Ethminer is supported for Windows, Linux, and iOS. You can learn more about Ethminer and how to install it here.

3. Claymore Dual Miner

Currently, many users have chosen to go with Claymore and there are very good reasons. This is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, ETH miners out there. There are hardly any issues you can encounter (however, this can vary depending on your setting. Most of the time, issues arise due to incorrect settings or hardware). Claymore has a 1% fee + pool fees.

Claymore Dual Miner

Let’s Explore The Features That Make Claymore So Strong:

  • Dual Mining: This is definitely a unique feature for an ETH miner. The newest version supports a dual mining mode which allows you to mine 2 cryptocurrencies at the same time without affecting ETH mining speed. You can set it to mine Ethereum along with Decred, Siacon, Lbry, and Pascal without any issue or you can just choose to mine only Ethereum.
  • Improved ETH mining speed: Users report Claymore pushes their GPUs better than other miners, providing higher GPU load, optimized OpenCL code, optimized assembler kernels.
  • Supports: All stratum versions for Ethereum, Ethereum, and Siacoin solo mining, HTTP and Stratum for Decred and Siacoin, Stratum for Lbry and Pascal.
  • Supports failover.
  • Displays detailed mining information including the hash rate for your card or cards if you’re running a mining rig. There’s also the option of remote monitoring and management with an ample range of customization options that include: GPU selection, overclocking features, and temperature management.

Claymore ETH miner is supported for Windows and Linux. Learn more about how to download and install this miner here.

Bottom Line


These ETH miners for cryptocurrency mining are all great options to mine Ethereum, but in the end, you must choose what you see is most convenient for yourself. Be the judge and choose what best fits what you need. Through ETH mining you can reap important profits, but it all comes down to an optimal combination of hardware and your ETH miner.

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